Know your contraceptives – Vasectomy

There are several ways to cut back on the number of children one will have. While most are among women, there are also some among men and one of these is vasectomy. This is a beautiful thing because for so long, women wondered why men do not take part in family planning. It also happens to be a permanent contraceptive method used among men who believe they have had enough children and would not want to sire more children. Dr Franklin Wasswa, a general physician, says the procedure works to cut the supply of sperm to your semen and is normally done under a simple technique.


The tube that leads from the testicles all the way to the urethra or penis is called a vas deferens. However, cutting this tube is called ectomy hence the procedure being called vasectomy. Normally, it is the bit of the tube inside the scrotum, just below the penis that is cut (the upper and lower part) to remove the middle section. Thereafter, both sides are stitched to seal the tube.

This surgery can be done in a minor theatre and the client will not suffer any major complications in the process. It can be done in 20 minutes under raw anaesthesia and it only takes full effect after three months. That period is given because even after cutting the tube, the upper part of the vas deferens still has millions of sperms that are awaiting release and these keep moving up with every ejaculation.  

As such, if a man is to have sex without protection in the first two to three months of the surgery, then there is a risk of making a woman pregnant. Therefore, the man must either abstain or use protection if there are to engage in sexual intercourse during that period. This is crucial because you, the wife, needs to remind your spouse to have safe sex if you are to ensure that the family does not expand beyond what you want to handle.

After three months, the client must return to the hospital for semen analysis where a sperm sample is taken to check if there are no more sperms in the collected sample. If the results are positive, then, the process has fully taken place and thereafter, there is no reversal.

Unlike many perceptions, the ejaculation process is not affected and the fluids that are usually emitted continue because they originate from seminal vesicles and prostate gland, which are above the vas deferens. You should encourage your spouse because many men shy away from the procedure with the fear of being unable to ‘function’. Even the urge to have sex is not affected because the vessels that supply blood to the penis are not affected. Therefore, the testosterone can still flow in the man’s system, maintaining the masculinity and maleness in him. As such, sterility is not there and you, his wife, need to reassure him that he will not lose his masculinity owing