Reasons why every home should have garlic

Closely related to onions, garlic is a kitchen staple all over the world, often used in food recipes. It is an ancient spice known for its medicinal properties. While most people resent it for its strong scent, garlic is characterised as a bulb that originates from Asia. This is possibly one of the reasons why Asians live longer and healthy lives. Research shows that the average person eats up to two pounds of garlic per year.

Also referred to as the stinking rose, according to research, ancient Egyptian slaves were fed garlic to rejuvenate their bodies and increase stamina.

Jenifer Namara, a culinary teacher, reveals that garlic is one of the secret spices that make most meals worth enjoying.

“It’s truly special, it’s aromatic, flavourful with great health benefits and qualities of healing and wellness,” she said.

Namara encourages mothers to grow garlic in the backyard. However, this should be followed by the use of manure and regular watering since garlic requires a lot of water to grow. Here are the benefits:

Mosquito repellent

Because of its strong scent, animals and insects are repelled by it which makes it an effective mosquito repellent. Usually, it’s crushed and added to a water solution and used as a spray for insect pests in the garden as well as mosquitoes.

It has antifungal properties

Research reports show that this magical bulb can be directly applied to the skin to treat fungal infections like athletes’ foot and others. It is also believed to be able to reduce swelling and improve immunity.

Highly nutritious

Modern science research reports show that garlic is rich in vitamin C, B, low in calories and contains various other minerals that are highly beneficial to the body. Eating garlic can help promote healthy weight, keep colds away and boost immunity and metabolism. Garlic is also used to help children with congestion by hanging cloves around their necks for relief.

“Garlic not only has vitamins that help to prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer but also has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce pain in the body,” says Julie Kobusingye, a professional nutritionist.

Long life

Because of its numerous benefits to human health and body, it is correct to say that garlic can improve longevity. It can help body cells fight off viruses and infections giving the body an opportunity to strengthen immunity and allow a long healthy life. Furthermore, garlic helps reduce high blood pressure and other heart related diseases due to its healing properties including reducing cholesterol. It is however advisable to talk to a doctor about the amount to include in one’s diet.

It can prevent and treat common viruses

Garlic is known to kill harmful micro-organisms, boost and improve the immune functioning. Doctors usually recommend garlic supplements to supress colds and flues. This is because of its strong antiviral, anti-fungal properties that also fight off bacterial infection among others. Studies have shown that cooking with garlic leads to a reduction in colds and flu infections in your family.

Hair growth

On the journey of discovery, people who have tried garlic for hair growth have yielded positive results. Garlic is believed to increase blood flow and circulation and thus it supports hair growth and strengthens hair roots. This is the reason a number of hair products have garlic as the main ingredient.


Nobody wants to have acne. The good news is that garlic can help fight off acne by killing bacteria that usually leads to acne outbreak. The antioxidants in garlic bulbs are responsible for fighting off the bacteria. However, if chewing or eating the raw garlic is difficult, purchase garlic supplements from the pharmacy as prescribed by a doctor.


Garlic is safe in cool dry places; you can store it in a dry container or roast it and keep it in the fridge or in foil.

However, as amazing garlic is, too much garlic can lead to diarrhoea and other complications. Therefore, garlic should be consumed in reasonable amounts or as prescribed by a doctor or nutritionist.