The hidden secrets to healing naturally

In the old times, our ancestors depended solely on herbal medicine and natural food for healing until the 80’s when the western scientists introduced manufactured medicines which saved many people.

Dr Paul Kasenene, a wellness and nutrition enthusiast has lately been inspiring people to indulge in healthy eating and physical exercise to strengthen their immunity.

In some cases, vaccines and other manufactured medicines can’t be avoided because they are the only hope for a patient. However, when given the reliable option to heal your body naturally, consider taking it.

What is healing?

According to health experts, healing involves allowing and supporting of our different and multiple components to come back into alignment. Illness and disease is conflict and represents threat in addition to slowing down our growth. Healing is resolving the conflict to allow progress.

Now that the world is being threatened by many unknown and startling viruses, it is that time we borrow a leaf from the old wise men by training our bodies to resist and heal themselves naturally. Healing naturally literally means building your body immunity to fight off any cell and organ attacking viruses and bacteria; like a warrior preparing for battle.

It is that time we start training our bodies to heal naturally. Here is how:

Love your body first

Loving your body is an integral part of healing naturally. Most people have stored many comments and lamentations about their bodies and the negativity has been cemented.

A 60-year-old lady who recovered from cancer gave a testimony of how loving her body was her healing prescription.  When you start to recognize the goodness, and support your body has provided, you will learn to love it effortlessly. Many people out there admire what you have, many people wish to have the figure you have and yet you ridicule your legs. Once you love your body, you will take care of it, and it will start to respond by fighting for you. Never ever talk ill about your body, instead trust your body, love it and embrace the uniqueness.

Appreciate your body

Wherever you’re reading this, stand up clap for your body and give it an escalating drum roll. That body has held you, gone places with you, done things for you even when they are toxic. That body has not been in the hospital for years and everyday it wakes up strong to support you. Now let us learn to appreciate it. How do we do it?

  1. Eat healthy food that won’t just add toxins but clean and nourish your body.
  2. Drink plenty of water to help the body flush out the waste and allow the body to replenish.
  3. Cut out foods such as lactose, alcohol and drugs that may irritate your organs
  4. Take your body out, go jogging, gym, take walks and sunbathe in the mornings.

Appreciate your body by taking care of it, so that it can take care of you.

Trust your body

Don’t force your body into tablets and injections every time you feel unwell. Sometimes you must trust it to handle it, give it a chance to do it its role. You may supplement this with natural remedies that you can get at home to add nutrients to the body instead of encouraging side effects from medications. Natural foods such as ginger, lemon, garlic, rosemary, mint and cinnamon among others have the ability to build your natural immunity but can also heal minor ailments like flu and cough. Build a healthy relationship with your body and it will work in your favor.